Earn Points for Medal Finals!

Medal Finals for those that qualify during the 2020 season will be held at Turkey Trot & Jump. The PRHP Medal and PRHP Green Rider Medal are offered at all of our schooling shows and B Show Series. Want to earn more points? Sign up for our PRHP Medal and PRHP Green Rider Medal at SBCRC, White Rock Ranch, and Fox ‘n Horn horse shows!


All riders that competed and placed in a Park Medal class or Park Green Rider Medal class at any 2020 horse show qualifies for the 2020 Park Medal Finals! The Medal Finals will be held at Turkey Trot & Jump and all medal finalists will receive a FREE stall. If not yet qualified, riders can still qualify for finals at Turkey Trot & Jump.

Medal Specs

2020 Park 3’0″ Medal Finalists

Laura Diel
Rachel De Luca
Kate Vilas
Eavan Bronfman
Chandler Clark
Natalie Curtis
Marci Winter
Megan Burson
Molly Vrooman
Jordan Tiles
Simone Orlando
Kathryn Lopes
Sarah Schemers

2020 Park Green Rider Medal Finalists

Natalie Anselmo
Elizabeth Fourchy
Cayla Okland
Susan Wall
Sydney Drouin
Claire Bogdanovich
Charlotte Krebs
Elise Gazzera
Adhira Knight
Grace Grech
Isabela Robles

2019 PRHP Medal Champion

Chelsea Burman riding BELLE BETE, owned and trained by Michelle Mahoney.

2019 PRHP Green Rider Medal Champion

Judy Molfino riding ULTIMATE, owned by Molfino and trained by Toni Venza.