2 EX Young Horse Program

Young horses embody the future of our sport and contain the potential and dreams we all chase. However, in addition to the time, the cost to gaining show-ring experience for these young horses can be daunting. Recognizing this, the we have diligently worked to identify the needs of our young horse competitors and develop a program that can support those needs and enhance young horse development on the West Coast.

With the vision to provide every horse with the tools for success, we are integrated a new 2 EX Young Horse Program at our B Series shows. This program is designed with two goals in mind, giving your young horse the opportunities to gain EXperience and EXposure.


Time at a show and in the ring can be accompanied by large costs. Unfortunately, this can be one of the biggest hurdles to pass when making the decision to gain experience with your young horse. Recognizing this, the Park offers stalls for all young horses (seven and under) are competing at their B series at the significantly discounted of $75.


The Park wanted to help get young horses seen even beyond the fellow competitors at the show. The Park’s team will be capturing and sharing video footage of young horses’ round through a dedicate YouTube channel. Each horse is given the opportunity to opt into this exposure opportunity and provide additional information to be shared with their video footage. These videos will also be shared on the Park’s social media pages and pushed to even more viewers through targeted advertising support. You’ll have footage of your young horse from each show to view and share your progress.

Rosé in May

May 26 - May 29

Paso Pumpkins and Ponies

October 13 - October 16

Featured Young Horses

Participate in our 2EX Young Horse Program at all B Series Shows!

Thank you Markel Insurance for making this special program possible!