B Series

All horses 7 years or younger will receive $75 stalls, as well as members of IEA, Pony Club, and any collegiate equestrian team! Check out our 2 Ex Young Horse Program for more information on how to gain Experience and Exposure at our B Series shows!

Stall reservations can be made at the link below. Please note that only reservations from trainers and independent riders will be accepted. All stall reservations are final once entries close and trainers will be financially responsible for reserved stalls.


Rosé in May, May 26-29 • Entries Close May 9 – WAITLIST ONLY

Paso Pumpkins & Ponies, October 13-16 • Entries Close September 2 – WAITLIST ONLY

Turkey Trot & Jump, November 17-20 • Entries Close October 31

Paso Pumpkins and Ponies

October 13 - October 16

Turkey Trot and Jump

November 17 - November 20