Before the Show

As you prepare for fall showing at the Paso Robles Horse Park, please plan to complete the following forms in the buttons below.

All information must be turned in at check-in to the horse show office. Numbers will not be released without completed forms. Twice-day temperatures should be taken while on Paso Park property in addition to a 3-day temp log before arrival at the Paso Park.

Submission Tips:

  • Be sure to include trainer’s first and last name on all forms
  • Use horse’s show names when completing the forms
Horse Health Form
Temperature Log
Vaccination Form

At the Show

Throughout your time at the Paso Robles Horse Park, please help us as part of the team keeping all horses safe. Minimize horse-to-horse contact and follow all biosecurity measures noted below.

  • Complete and record temperatures twice daily on the provided log kept visibly posted at your barn
  • Monitor horses frequently for signs of disease throughout your stay
  • Immediately report any horses with elevated temperatures or symptoms to Paso Park management by calling or texting 805-369-1338
  • Limit horse-to-horse contact
  • No grazing horses
  • Avoid submerging the end of water hoses in water buckets
  • All dogs at the Paso Park must be kept on a leash and should have no contact with horses
  • Avoid sharing of equipment including tack, buckets, and brushes; if the equipment is to be shared it must be thoroughly cleaned between horses
  • Horses should have labeled dedicated water and grain buckets to avoid exchanged of this equipment among horses
  • Do not allow horses to drink directly from water hoses

Additionally, the Paso Park is taking precautions to also help ensure horse health. The following is a list of many of the efforts being made; however, we are continually observing other recommendations and integrating additional efforts not listed:

  • We have always and will continue to limit the total stalls available at all of our shows to ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone in attendance.
  • Stalls are cleaned and sanitized prior to the start of the show season and between shows.
  • New stall vendor to ensure more substantial stall walls for all temporary stalls.
  • Spaced out temporary stall rows to increase the area between barn rows.
  • Regular communication with local, state, and USEF veterinary staff to ensure current practices and recommendations are followed.
  • Isolation locations that easily allow for the separation of horses with any symptoms from the general population while additional information is gathered. These locations meet the guidelines for distancing in areas of good air circulation and are equipped with the necessary supplies to care for horses and sanitize when coming and going from the area.
Temperature Log

Finally, we want to emphasize we are here to work with you and serve as a resource for any of your needs while at the Paso Park. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly by calling or texting 805-369-1338.