2023 Stall Reservations

Steps for Reserving Stalls

  1. Submit – Make your initial stall request by following the steps to create your login on EqMetrik. Requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make a request for EACH show you plan to attend.
  2. Modify – Return to your EqMetrik profile anytime before the “Stall Confirmation” date for the related show to make adjustments to your request. See below for specific dates.
  3. Celebrate – By no later than the Stall Confirmation dates posted for each show you will be contacted by the Paso Park team to confirm acceptance of your stall request.
Reserve Stalls
Update Reservations

Reservation Policy

Initial stall reservations must be submitted through EqMetrik. You can update your reservation by returning to EqMetrik or in writing at any time prior to the related show’s stall closing date by texting 805-369-1323 or emailing [email protected].

Please note the following deadlines for changes or cancellations to your stall reservations:

  • Harvest Special Schooling Show: September 23-24
    • Entries Close on September 8
    • Stall Confirmation by August 12
  • Fall Fun Schooling Show: October 7-8
    • Entries Close on September 22
    • Stall Confirmation by August 26
  • Paso Pumpkins & Ponies: October 12-15
    • Entries Close on September 25
    • Stall Confirmation by August 31
  • Paso Park Fall Classic: November 1-5
    • Entries Close on October 10
    • Stall Confirmation by September 20
  • Paso Park Oak Tree Classic: November 8-12
    • Entries Close on October 17
    • Stall Confirmation by September 27
  • Turkey Trot & Jump: November 16-19
    • Entries Close on October 30
    • Stall Confirmation by October 5

By the related stall confirmation deadline for each show, you will be notified if your reservation can be accommodated or if you are on a waitlist for that show. The following outlines your financial commitment and fees related to stall reservations:

  • Prior to the stall confirmation deadline: No financial penalties for reducing or canceling your total stall reservation.
  • The stall confirmation deadline through the entry closing date: You are financially responsible for the full cost of the total number of stalls most recently requested.
  • After entry closing date: You are financially responsible for the full cost of the total number of stalls most recently requested and a $50 office fee per stall reserved.

In the case that there are still stalls available after the related stall confirmation of a horse show, late reservations may be made by texting 805-369-1323 or by emailing stalls@pasorobleshorsepark.com. All late reservations must include a firm stall count and will have 48 hours after sending that count to make final adjustments, after that point you will fall into the financial commitments outlined above.

If something does change please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible. In the case of a serious medical incident, a doctor’s note or veterinarian’s note received via email at least 48 hours in advance of the first day of scheduled competition will result in waiving the stall fees; however, the $50 office fee will still be due. The above language outlines the policy we follow, but with advanced notice, we will always try to work with trainers as best we can while maintaining a fair approach for all competitors.