Track 1: Introduction to the Horse


Our introductory educational track is designed to share the passion of horses with anyone. Whether this is the first horse you’ll be up close and personal with, or you are just looking for more ways to spend time with these incredible animals, this is the opportunity for you.

Horse lovers six to one-hundred-and-six will have a great time with the horses. Parents are also encouraged to hang around and learn more too.


Nope. This track is designed to introduce you to horses, so no horse of your own is necessary.


  • Closed toes shoes – We want to protect your tootsies from the horse’s bigger tooties.
  • Sun protection – Hats and sunscreen are encouraged as the fun will be had outside.

Scheduled Sessions

Saturday, August 10

8 – 10 am

  • Horse Safety 101 – This session covers the basic knowledge to maintain safety while around horses. Where should you pet them? What areas of the horse should you use caution around? How can you give horses treats?
  • Off-Track Thoroughbreds – One of the most recognized and widely promoted equine sports is thoroughbred racing. However, there is a whole story surrounding these incredible animals and their second careers. Learn about how these animals pursue new lives as hunters, jumpers, dressage horses and so much more.
  • Build Your Dream Barn – Break out the crafts and get ready to clip and glue together your own barn. 

10:15 am – 12:15 pm

  • Mini-Horses and Driving – Horses truly come in all shapes and sizes! Meet this handful of minis and learn how they pack a lot of power into their tiny frames as you get hands on experience with their skills driving carts.
  • 4H – Now that you’ve met a horse, you’re wondering how you can continue to learn more? One of the great options in our community is 4H. Listen from 4H leaders and watch current youth members demonstrate their riding skills.
  • Pony ClubPony Club works with youth to develop character, leadership, confidence, and a sense of community through a program that teaches the care and riding of horses and ponies.