Earn Points for Medal Finals!

Medal Finals for those that qualify during the 2019 season will be held at Turkey Trot & Jump. Join us for the Awards Presentation & Luncheon! Current medal standings for the 2019 season are posted below. All riders with 7 or more points are automatically qualified for the Medal Finals and will receive a complimentary stall at Turkey Trot & Jump.

The PRHP Medal and PRHP Green Rider Medal are offered at all of our schooling shows and B Show Series. Want to earn more points? Sign up for our PRHP Medal and PRHP Green Rider Medal at SBCRC, White Rock Ranch, and Fox ‘n Horn horse shows!

Medal Specs

PRHP Medal Point Standings
(Updated 11/5/19)

PRHP Green Rider Medal Point Standings
(Updated 11/5/19)

2018 PRHP Medal Champion

Lisa Carmen riding FLEETING LOOK, owned by Carman and trained by Meredith Bullock.

2018 PRHP Green Rider Medal Champion

Kendall Zeman riding CHICAGO 83, owned by Zeman and trained by Patrice Corbridge.