Stall & RV Space Reservations

Stall & RV Reservation Policy

Please use the online form or written communication to tentatively reserve the number of stalls and/or RV parking spaces you’ll need at the shows you plan to attend. You can increase or decrease that count at any time leading up to the show as long as you notify us via written communication or the online form. However, your final number WILL BE LOCKED IN at the entry closing date – OR – when the show sells out (whichever comes first).

If we do sell out in advance of the entry closing date we will reach out to you via text or email and give you at least 48 hours before a specified deadline for confirming your final stall count. The final number confirmed in that count will be the full amount you are financially responsible for. If you do not respond by the deadline, your reservations will be voided and will be released to others on the waitlist.

If your stall needs to change after that deadline you may work with other trainers to take those stalls, HOWEVER:

  • Exchanges of stalls between trainers must be communicated to the Paso Park staff in writing for final approval and must include both trainers on the communication
  • Any exchanges made between trainers less than 10 days before the start of the show may not be accounted for in the stall chart 
  • If there is any misunderstanding between trainers as to who is responsible for the stall cost, it will be the trainer that had them originally reserved that is ultimately responsible for the stalls

If something does change please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible. The above language outlines the policy we follow, but with advanced notice, we will always try to work with trainers as best we can while maintaining a fair approach for all competitors.

Please note, SRJT information to be found through

If you are on a mobile device, please click the button below to reserve your stalls.